‘So, doctor,’ said Carl,’why did you decide to become a GP?’ Carl found that making small talk often eased the discomfort he always felt prior to a medical examination.

‘It’s quite simple, actually,’ the doctor said, and he smiled the confident, neighborly smile that was almost exclusively found on guys in car insurance ads. ‘I became a doctor because I believe that the human body is a sacred vessel, a shrine built by the almighty architect himself. I am but a servant who dedicates himself to maintaining and fixing HIS sacred structures. People are often surprised when they find out that my passion for science is actually rooted in faith, but why wouldn’t it be? I’ve studied our anatomy, seen first-hand how our bodies are too-perfectly constructed, as if crafted by divine fingers. The evolution theory assumes that our bodies are products of mere chance, but to me there’s no greater proof of intelligent design than our own flesh and blood. The human anatomy is perfect in every way’

‘Uhuh,’ Carl said, not meeting the doctor’s eyes.

‘I’m sorry,’ the doctor said, realizing he had gone off topic. ‘I guess I got a little carried away there, didn’t I? So tell me, Carl. What can I help you with?’

‘Well, I went to Subway for lunch and accidentally sat on my testicles.’