I am nightmare.

I am the dark thing that keeps you awake at night, tossing and turning in your bed, unable to seduce sleep. I am the shadow that swallows your sunshine, blackening your vision. The immortal chill you feel in the air no matter what the temperature. I am the concern that is always hiding behind your smile. The pang of pain you feel every time you think back to the last time you captured happiness and the pain of realizing you will probably never have your hands on it ever again.

I am thief.

Your friends? I’ve stolen them all. On silent paws I’ve slipped into your life, like a cat stalking its unsuspecting prey. With a blade as cold and dark as obsidian I cut through your social network, each thread severed a dear friend lost. Your passions? What passions? With my icy fingers wrapped around your heart I hold all of your desires in frozen captivity. Now all you feel is dead coldness, like a corpse your life has already been taken, now you will get to experience total decomposition of everything that has ever defined you.

I am unstoppable.

Like a ghost I elude the physical world. I am an awesome specter, an ethereal force that hangs around you like heavy mist. Swing as you like, you cannot break what you cannot touch. As long as lucidity exists in the world I shall be there to watch, be there to haunt.

Names I have many. Names that have faded into obscurity, names that have stood the test of time, names that have never left the edge of human lips, only echoed in the darkest chambers of the mind. But you have a name for me, don’t you? Yes, I believe you do.

To you, I am Thesis.