As I scroll through Instagram,
My heart turns cold,
To see irrefutable evidence,
Of so many tortured souls.
How beautiful women can form an ugly sight,
When perfect teeth can form broken smiles,
Take a picture, please, and take it with flash,
Your body, exposed, and brought into the light,
Displaying perfect skin and immaculate flesh,
But looking past the makeup,
The wounds can still be seen,
Invisible scars,
Of fragile self-esteem.

We expect you to be modest, sweet
and above all, pretty,
We don’t want you bossy,
Yet we demand smart and witty
Be driven, but please, not overachieving,
The latter will have society disbelieving,
And we’ll start calling you slut, whore, cunt, or bitch,
Just like our ancestors,
Who called you wench, succubus, siren and witch.

It’s sickening to see,
An entire gender reduced to just that,
But I’d still Like your Instagram #BootiePic,
Cuz for reals, yo,
That ass is fat.

Panda Writer